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Massage Life Center®

4500 Heritage Trace Pkwy #130
Fort Worth, TX 76244

(682) 800-4500

Austin Ranch
2801 Plano Pkwy
The Colony, TX 75056

(469) 421-1200

445 S Denton Tap Rd #100
Coppell,TX 75019

(972) 317-4400

Highland Village
2570 Justin Road
Suite 115, 75077, Highland Village, Texas

(972) 317-4400

Hours of Operation

Hours vary per location, please call your local center for details

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1 Hour Session $65 $110
11/2 Hour Session $100 $165

(Add-ons do not add time to the session)

Hot Himalayan Salt Stones $25 $30
Cupping $25 $30
Essential Oils $12 $15
Magnesium Gel $12 $15
Hemp Oil $14 $18
Scalp Massage $14 $18
Flavor of The Month $12 $15
WINE Essential Oil Eye Pillow
Heated Neck Wrap Essential Oil Hot Towels

*Member pricing reflects when a massage credit is not being redeemed.

Members and Non-Members

At Massage Life Center®, we understand that for most people, massage is more than just a luxury you treat yourself to once in a blue moon. It is a tool to maintain enhanced physical health. It is a way to achieve psychological balance and improve your state of mind. For many, it is a necessity!

That is why we offer the Massage Life Center® Healthy Life Style Program, a monthly membership plan that allows you to enjoy massage therapy on a regular basis at a very affordable price.

Non-Members are Welcome at Massage Life Center®

We welcome both members and non-members to benefit from our many services. All first time guests can take advantage of our very special offer of a one-hour massage session for only $59.95!

Healthy Life Style Membership at Massage Life Center®

Healthy Life Style Program Members pay only $69.95 per month for a one-hour session compared to the non-member rate of $110. That is a very small price to pay for the rewards and health benefits that go along with it!

The good news is that our membership program is both affordable and flexible. Unlike a gym membership, if you don't use our services one month, you don't lose your monthly massage. For instance, if you are out of town and can't make it in that month for your massage appointment, your benefits just roll over, so you may schedule two appointments the following month. It's that simple... no annual fees to be a member!

We offer payment options for your convenience. Pay monthly by credit card or pay in full for your 12-month membership. It's up to you!

Traditional Tipping Etiquette

Our guests have been inquiring about tipping etiquette. Please see below for traditional tipping guidelines:

1 Hour Session: $19 to $29  
11/2 Hour Session: $29 to $41  

Please note the above is just a guideline. Tipping is not required but greatly appreciated.

Thank You... We value your business!

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