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Massage Life Center®

4500 Heritage Trace Pkwy #130
Fort Worth, TX 76244

(682) 800-4500

Austin Ranch
2801 Plano Pkwy
The Colony, TX 75056

(469) 421-1200

445 S Denton Tap Rd #100
Coppell,TX 75019

(972) 317-4400

Highland Village
2570 Justin Road
Suite 115, 75077, Highland Village, Texas

(972) 317-4400

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Why Choose Us - Overview


Facility ImageMassage Life Center boasts state of the art facilities, built with your comfort in mind. Our main lobby area includes a wine and coffee bar with a cozy place to relax as you check in and unwind before your session.

We have private therapy rooms, located in the "Whisper Zone," with top of the line equipment and plush amenities to provide an unforgettable experience. Our massage tables are equipped with 4" strata memory foam and sheep skin warmers for maximum cushion and soothing warmth. In addition to our private massage therapy rooms, we also have a couple's room available.

our staff

StaffIt is the goal of every professional staff member at Massage Life Center® to make you feel like a VIP when you are in our care. We welcome both members and non-members to enjoy our services. To learn more about membership benefits, click here.

All of our therapists are licensed in massage therapy and will customize your session to address your specific areas of concern. Whether you come to us for pain management, prenatal massage, or simply to relax and de-stress, your therapist will create an experience designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our staff respects your privacy and your modesty. Our process is designed to be discreet, so once you are escorted into The Whisper Zone, whether you have come for a massage, or other services, your treatment will take place in a private therapy room.

our services

At Massage Life Center®, we specialize in a variety of massage therapy techniques to fulfill your needs. We also offer additional services, including aromatherapy, and foot scrubs. Our Healthy Life Style Members can take advantage of these additional services at a discounted price.

> massage therapy

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  • Swedish
    This is the most common type of massage, used to relax the whole body with strokes along the grain of the muscles. Swedish massage is ideal for improving circulation, reducing muscle tension, and decreasing toxins in the body.
  • Deep tissue
    Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue goes against the grain of the muscles. Used to target specific problem areas, down to the deepest layer of muscle, it is effective in relieving knots and severe tension.
  • Prenatal
    Designed to relieve physical discomfort and enhance emotional well-being, prenatal massage uses special support cushions to provide a safe and comfortable experience for women at all stages of pregnancy.
  • Sports
    Sports massage is tailored to the athlete's particular sport and level of intensity. Great for pre or post event, it can help prevent injuries, relieve soreness, and increase flexibility.
  • Trigger Point
    This very targeted massage technique helps eliminate precise areas of intense pain and tension caused by injury or overuse.
  • Reflexology
    Reflexology focuses attention on the hands and feet with pressure on points that correspond to other parts of the body.
  • Myofascial Release
    This technique works to treat patients with pain from soft tissue problems by equalizing muscle tension.
  • Hot Stone
    Using smooth, flat, heated river stones to relax and warm the muscles, hot stone massage is great for relieving stress, tension, depression, and back aches.

> Aromatherapy

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  • Allergy Aromatherapy
    Contains 10 single note oils including eucalyptus, a powerful decongestant. An overall fresh, sweet woody aroma. Used to ease cold-like symptoms.
  • Relaxation Aromatherapy
    A woodsy, sweet and fresh aroma to encourage a state of deep relaxation.
  • Headache Relief Aromatherapy
    Fresh, bright and green aroma. Ideal for headache sufferers.
  • Stress Management Aromatherapy
    A powerful aromatic blend of organic orange to uplift and energize. Lavender to balance and calm and Sandalwood to de-stress.
  • Muscle & Joint Aromatherapy
    Proprietary blend of 10 essential oils that increase blood flow to sore muscles and joints to soothe and relax.
  • Cellulite Aromatherapy
    A powerful blend of 8 pure essential oils chosen specifically to aid in the reduction of cellulite.

> Magnesium Gel

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100% Pure and natural Magnesium Gel. No other vital substance makes us resilient to stress and calms our nervous system. Magnesium Gel may relieve muscle and joint pain, and reduce tension in targeted areas.

> Scalp Massage

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Design to relax the mind and encourage circulation. Scalp massage can be a great stress reducer. Warm oil is massaged throughout the scalp. Working to relax tight muscles in the head and neck.

> Hemp Oil

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Hemp oil has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It can penetrate through the skin for isolated pain management. The hemp oil may help release tension and relax the targeted area.

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